Self cleaning chimney | Autoclean chimney

Self cleaning chimney | Autoclean chimney

Self cleaning chimney | Autoclean chimney

Electric chimney has become one of the inevitable appliances of the modern kitchen. Kitchen chimney helps to maintain the cleanliness and the ambiance of the kitchen. 

After you decide to buy a chimney for your kitchen you get confused about getting the right one for your kitchen. It is always better to go for the one that fits your requirements and fits your kitchen than going for the best one in the market. 

But cleaning the kitchen chimney is a laborious and time consuming process. For this, the modern chimneys come with self cleaning or autoclean features. They are known as autoclean chimneys or self cleaning chimneys.

So what is a self cleaning chimney?

Self cleaning | Autoclean chimney comes with an oil collector that collects the oil and grease from the chimney. Since the oil particles and the grease are collected here, there is no sedimentation on the internal parts of the chimney. These oil collectors can be removed and cleaned at regular intervals when necessary. 

How a Self cleaning | Autoclean chimney work? 

These chimneys come with a powerful automatic blower that sucks hot fumes and smoke from the gas stove. They use centrifugal force and hence along with the smoke and fumes they also collect the oil particles. These particles get trapped on the filters present on the blowers and the fumes and smoke are sent outside the house via duct. 

Advantages of Self cleaning | Autoclean chimney

  • Reduces oil and grime settlement in the filters and internal parts of the chimney. This in turn maintains the suction power and the efficiency of the chimney.
  • Since there is no oil clogging on the chimney motor these chimneys are highly efficient and durable than manual chimneys. 
  • Maintenance is very easy as the oil collector can be removed without any hassle and cleaned once in a while compared to cleaning the entire filter which requires more time and energy. 
  • Though the initial cost of the self cleaning chimneys are higher, lesser maintenance and service cost and longer durability and efficiency prove to be cost effective in the long run.
Self cleaning | Autoclean chimneyManual chimney
Increased durability & efficiencyComparatively lower than self cleaning chimney
Oil gets collected in the oil collectorNo oil collector. Oil get coated on the filter
Maintains high suction powerSuction power decreases with time due to oil clogging
High initial cost but cost efficient in the longer runLow initial cost & hence economical
Less maintenance neededRegular maintenance needed

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