low noise kitchen chimney

Low noise kitchen chimney | Noiseless kitchen chimney

If you already own a kitchen chimney and are wondering why it causes a lot of noise, one of these could be the reason:

Loose parts: If there are any loose or disconnected parts within the chimney, they may produce noise as they move around or rub against other parts of the chimney.

Obstructions: Debris or other obstructions in the chimney may cause noise as they block or restrict the flow of air and gasses.

Improper installation: If the chimney was not installed properly, it may produce noise due to structural problems or incorrect alignment of the parts. In India, it is not uncommon for technicians to fit a chimney with substandard or wrong ducts to save their costs. You can contact the chimney manufacturer directly if you feel there could be a problem with the installation.

Ductwork issues: If the ductwork connecting the chimney to the appliance is damaged or improperly sized, it may produce noise as air is forced through it.

Animal activity: If there are animals living in or around the chimney, they may cause noise as they move about or build nests.

To determine the cause of noise in your kitchen chimney, it is recommended to have it inspected by a qualified professional. They will be able to identify any issues and recommend appropriate repairs or maintenance.

If you are planning to buy a new low-noise kitchen chimney or are planning to replace your old one, I’ve put-together a sort of buying guide just for you.

LOW NOISE KITCHEN CHIMNEY | NOISELESS KITCHEN CHIMNEY – Appliances with powerful motors can cause too much noise. Kitchen Chimney is one such quintessential appliance in the modern kitchen. Kitchen chimney is a device used for removing fumes, oil, smoke, grease while cooking. It helps to maintain the cleanliness and also the ambience of the kitchen. The heavy sound of the chimney while cooking might be off putting for some and might even be a migraine trigger for a few. 

Hence more people are looking for chimney models that produce less noise. So there are a few models in the market that are marketed as low noise chimney or noiseless chimney. The noise level of the normal chimney lies between 58 to 65dB whereas that of low noise chimneys fall between 45 and 48 dB.

Noise level

Normal chimney58 to 65dB
Low noise / Noiseless / Silent Chimney 45 to 48dB

Low noise chimney / Noiseless / Silent Chimney

High speed blower and the plumbing design of the chimney hood are responsible for the noise coming from the chimney. The speed by which the air rushes through the pipe causes the sound. So low suction power chimneys cause less noise than the chimneys with higher suction power. 

One other factor that influence the sound from chimney is the type of the air filter.

Chimney with Mesh / cassette filter

These types of chimneys come with an aluminium or stainless steel mesh which traps grease and particle waste and allows the smoke to escape. Since the mesh entraps almost all the solid waste particles it is more prone for blockage. These chimneys cause the highest sound from the blow motor.

Chimney with baffle filter

Baffle filter is the most common and the most suitable type of filter for the Indian kitchen. It contains panel filters which traps the oil and waste particles and allows the smoke to pass through. The noise from these types of chimneys though lesser than the ones with mesh filter are noticeable.

Autoclean (Filterless)

These types of chimneys are fitted with aluminium turbo blowers for the air and fumes to pass and are by far the least noise producing models. 

Tips to reduce noise from chimney

  • Make sure there are least number of bends while plumbing the duct of chimney. 
  • You can prefer the models where the motor pump is fixed outside the kitchen separated from the chimney hood.
  • Opt for 3 way suction chimney where multiple suction inlets are mounted on chimney hoods in different directions. 

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